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That is why you should now make the right preparations and secure yourself with one of our many emergency packs, because tomorrow could be too late !

The increasing crises, caused by environmental catastrophes, storms, terrorism or a financial collapse, are becoming more frequent and out of the blue.

Curfews, water contamination, power failures, money depreciation will cause serious supply problems and are direct consequences of such crisis. Protect yourself and your family with well designed emergency food supply packages from CONVAR Foods.

With our premium products you will always be ready for anything:

  • they last for 10 years
  • sufficient calories for the day
  • great in taste
  • ready to eat
  • you can it eat it cold or hot
  • can be stored without cooling

Or create your own emergency food package. With our premium products you are always on the safe side:

Below you will find further information about emergency food:

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