Emergency food supply and emergency preparedness

Why is it so important to have an emergency food supply at home?

storm, power black out

Emergency preparedness is the capacity to be ready to face unexpected occurrences with food supplies or survival kits. Emergencies range from floods, hurricanes and tornadoes, fires and any other natural disasters, to man-made disasters such as civil unrest, prolonged transportation strikes, unemployment, electric outages and, last but not least, financial crises.

In times of economic downturn, investing money in food supplies is a smart and cost-effective thing to do.
Have you ever thought about what might happen in the event of skyrocketing prices, out-of-control increase in the consumption tax and an increase in the unemployment rate? The money you have at home (or in your pocket or in your bank) won't feed you! That's why buying your food for tomorrow, now, is a wise, sensitive and smart approach to face uncertainty and to ensure you and your family are nourished and protected against unexpected events.

‘We cannot stop natural calamities, but we can and must better equip individuals and communities to withstand them.'
Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general, October 2005

snow storm

Extreme heat and extreme cold can put some people's lives at risk, such as children or the elderly.
What if it is too hot or too cold to go grocery shopping? Elderly people are the first ones to be affected by extreme weather conditions. What if a national transport strike causes the supermarkets to run out of milk for the children? You can be prepared and make sure your family is protected and nourished in times of emergency. When an emergency strikes, you will be on your own, and you will probably have to face the first difficult moments alone. In order to be prepared when disaster strikes, it is crucial that you make the best decision ahead of time. In case of need and while you wait for civil defence rescue actions, you should be ready and have an adequate food supply of your own that takes into account the nutritional needs of your children. Children need adequate nutrition and properly prepared food. There is nothing worse than hearing your baby crying from hunger or thirst. A good supply of food and supplements chosen and carefully selected will help you cope with any difficulty. Another vital element is water. During natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes, water is often not safe to drink. That's why at conserva we offer reliable and cutting-edge water filters which make water drinkable under any circumstances.

Indoors and outdoors: all the great taste of your home food.

Nutrition and sport: What the Experts say

A proper, balanced diet is the key to successfully hiking and climbing mountains, back-packing, rafting or hill wandering, as all these activities require a considerable expenditure of energy that only proper balanced high-nutrition foods can provide.

sports, outdoor activities

When practicing sports or just enjoying outdoor activities, it is important to keep in mind that food and drink are a significant weight to carry in your backpack. For this reason, it is desirable to carefully choose the foods you will carry for their taste, digestibility, the energy they supply, as well as (and in certain cases mainly for) their weight. The food we offer at conserva is carefully selected for its nutritional values, its practical and easy-to-carry packing, its low weight and, of course, its taste. It is important to remember that the water that you can find (such as river/lake water or melted snow) is often not potable or too poor in minerals. It is therefore vital to carry a filter that purifies the water.

You should not have to renounce the taste of the good food you are used to while on your favourite outdoor experience. Conserva helps you enjoy the taste of the food you love the most; in the open air, on a mountain top, or while surrounded by nature. Every great experience in the mountains and in contact with nature should be crowned with a delicious and delightful meal as joyful as your outdoor experience. CONSERVA can offer all this; CONSERVA is already one step ahead!

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