Principles of long-term storage


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In our shop you will find food suitable for long-term storage as emergency supplies,

for use in times of crises, or simply as travel supplies. Our product line for long-term food includes, for example, canned bread, canned butter, canned cake and even canned cheese.

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We also offer aluminium-laminated bags as well as oxygen absorbers to aid in preserving staple food, such as corn, legumes, pasta, sugar etc. or for the long-term storage of, for example, items of clothing, shoes, or important documents. The principles of long-term storage (see menu on the left) contain valuable information, tips and instructions for the long-term storage of food staples. Find out, for example, which factors determine the shelf life of food products and how you can extend this period, what aluminium-laminated bags and oxygen absorbers are and how they are used. You will find our products in the online shop on the left.

We hope you will enjoy the products we offer and are confident we can answer many of your questions on long-term storage and long-term food products.

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