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Emergency supply package advisor

Over the past few years, the emergency supply package market has been continuously expanding.
However, this has also meant that it has become increasingly more complex.

Dangerous deceptive packaging warning

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In the last few years, due to increasingly uncertain circumstances, the emergency supply package market has continuously grown. Unfortunately, this has also lead to nombreuses many extremely dubious offers from questionable suppliers joining the market.

In emergency situations, this can then result in people being left high and dry with no food.


To ensure that you make the right emergency supply package decision and are able to assess whether the package is at all adequate for you and your family, we urgently advise you to seek advice before buying any emergency supply packages.

Our advice-hotline is available from Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. and 6 p.m. on the following telephone number:

+44 (0)1634 910 001

Prior to purchasing anything, you should always check the following aspects of the package.

  • It is vital to make sure that the package provides at least 2100 kcal / day. There are emergency supply packages on the market that provide far less than 1100 kcal / day. This is by far not enough to provide an adult with sufficient energy in an emergency situation.. ---> conserva.de "emergency food supply"
  • Please also pay attention to what the indicated kcal values of the package are made up of - as not all energy is equivalent. Some suppliers fill their emergency supply packages with kilograms of sugar, oil or with lots of energy bars, to boost the kcal values with cheap ingredients.

Because what make an emergency scenario even worse? Being ill or weak as well!

  • It’s important to ensure that the package contains food for immediate consumption as in emergency situations there is often no time to prepare any meals. Often energy and water for cooking are not available at all or only to a limited extent. It is therefore better to have food that in an emergency situation you can eat directly at room temperature without any extra preparation. ---> conserva.de « ready to eat »
  • Water shortages almost always go hand in hand with emergency situations. For this reason, it is especially important to have enough drinking water stored, particularly is the emergency supply package contains food that needs to be prepared with water. ---> conserva.de « Drinking water »
  • Emergency supplies need to taste good. It is not without reason that the “Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance" advises people to stock food that their family are used to eating. Select meals that you are used to, for example, spaghetti bolognese, goulash soup, meatballs with potato salad, chicken with rice, etc.---> conserva.de « DosenBistro »
  • Think about exactly who and how many people need to be provided supplies in what way in an emergency situation. If you want to invest in an emergency supply for your home then you need to think about the weight of the emergency supply package. If, in an emergency, you were forced to leave your house and flee, you would need to be able to rely on freeze-dried foods, as they are much lighter to carry. Once you have decided on the scenario and number of people you need the emergency supply for, then please take these specific requirements into consideration. You need to bear in mind that older people and children, for example, often have very different needs in an emergency situation. It is also very important to think of any of your pets that would need supplies for an emergency supply as well. ---> conserva.de "EF PET"

To be able to meet these very different individual requirements, at conserva.de we offer the option of UPGRADE-Kits to expand our emergency supply packages and make sure you have everything you need. ---> conserva.de "Package upgrade"

SUMMARY: Please do not make any hasty and uninformed decisions to purchase the first available, most likely cheap, emergency supply kit that you see, as in an emergency it can really be a matter of life and death, and you should be well prepared. When it concerns your safety, no good will come of saving time and money.

When buying emergency supply packages, the old saying has never been more relevant: “You get what you pay for!”

John Ruskin also agreed with this:

John RuskinRuskin’s common law of business balance

There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful pray.

It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s words to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something that is better.

John Ruskin (English social thinker 1819-1900)

Your conserva.de team.