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Oxygen absorbers (50 x 660cc)
  • Oxygen absorbers (50 x 660cc)
  • Oxygen absorbers (50 x 660cc)
  • Oxygen absorbers (50 x 660cc)
  • Oxygen absorbers (50 x 660cc)

Oxygen Absorbers (100 X 660cc)

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Number of absorbers/sachets packed in a bag: 50

Capacity: min. 660cc each absorber

Absorber modell: O2 absorber

Indicator: OxyEye: in contact with oxygen, it turns from pink to blueish-lilac

As their name may suggest, oxygen absorbers take out oxygen from a specific environment. Packed into airtight sealed containers, they absorb - according to their capacity - the oxygen inside a container by reaction, binding the oxygen inside the sachet. 50cc absorbers have a minimum capacity of 50ml, and extract a minimum of 50ml of oxygen. As a rule and due to security measures, the real absorption power of each absorber outruns its stated capacity (see also How to use oxygen absorbers? ).

For a long time, a more intricate method was used to this purpose and replaced oxygen by flushing nitrogen in a container. As oxygen has a higher molecular weight than nitrogen, in this way nitrogen pushed oxygen out of the container by using its different molecular properties. Nowadays, this model is still in use.

However, it is more than obvious that oxygen absorbers (also used to keep antique or old and rare comic safe), quickly found their way into the food packaging industry.

Oxygen absorbers are a critical component in the long-term storage of bulk food (see also "What factors affect the shelf life of foodstuffs? ") for emergency preparedness, of clothes, shoes and oxygen-sensitive fabrics such as leather, clothing with elastane or elastic bands, important or ancient documents, etc.

The aluminium-laminated bags we offer are suitable containers for all your valuables; they are ready to be sealed and offer an oxygen- and moisture-free environment.

In our website, you will find further information on how to use oxygen absorbers and on the factors which affect long-term storage.

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