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Impulse Sealer with Holding Magnet and Cutter (300mm)


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In order to safely store products for a long time, such as clothes, documents and foodstuffs, it is important to take into account the durability of your storage solutions.

For instance, you can securely protect your products against any external agents by using our aluminum-laminated bags and our oxygen absorbers.

In order to help you properly seal our aluminum-laminated bags, we suggest using our impulse sealer.

Our impulse sealer can seal our aluminum-laminated bags with a width of up to 400mm (15,75") and with a 5mm (0,2") border sealing.
The standard impulse sealer you find in the market can only seal with a 3mm (0,12") border sealing, which is not as safe as our 5mm (0,2") sealing and can prevent a air leakage.

Another important feature of our impulse sealer is its holding magnet, which enables two aluminum-laminated bags to stand together and close perfectly, for a quality, outstanding sealing.

Our impulse sealer does not need any pre-heating; you turn it on and instantly have the right temperature to safely seal your aluminum-laminated bags.

The impulse sealer we offer is of the type we have been using daily in our warehouse for the last 5 years. With it, we seal up to 500 bags daily. For this reason, we can certainly say that this impulse sealer performs a clean and perfect job for a very long time!

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