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The freshness is sealed in and has a shelf-life of 10 years.


Like eating at your favourite restaurant. No preservatives.

Our dishes are freshly cooked and sealed in the tin immediately so that the well-balanced aromas of the dish are distributed and preserved. This process guarantees a very long shelf life of up to 10 years - completely naturally and without preservatives. And we believe you can taste the difference.

Prepared and ready to eat in next to no time at all.


All DosenBistro meals are ready to eat and just need to be warmed up. Simply submerge the tin in hot water to warm up and then plate and serve! You can serve an entire three-course meal in almost not time at all. And every tin is guaranteed to be of unrivalled quality.

Easy to store - does not need refrigeration.

Storing DosenBistro dishes could not be easier. Because our meals are sealed in a completely air-tight container and the food is heat-treated during sealing, the tins can simply be stored at room temperature, with no refrigeration. This saves you electricity and is better for the environment!


DosenBistro wishes you

"Bon appetit!"