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The original product by GC Rieber, the pioneer of compact food.

Years of experience in the production of compact food guarantees you food of the highest quality.

The content of the BP-WR bars has been constantly improved over decades, meaning that with its balanced and well-adapted content, the product has yet to be matched on the current market and can support you in an emergency situation like no other product.


High energy and great taste.

In comparison to other products on the market, the BP-WRs have the highest energy content and provide you with what is most important in an emergency situation - strength for the spirit and body. People will always disagree about flavour, but we know from listening to our customers that the BP-WR bars are a clear "flavour" champion, because even children eat them happily..

Crystal clear packaging advantage


No compromises made for the packaging and each bar has been individually packed, which is not only practical, but also has the advantage that each bar can be consumed individually, while the rest remain well protected. With similar products from other producers, the bars are often packed into one large package, meaning that when just one bar is used, the rest remain unprotected thereafter, which can be a huge disadvantage in an emergency situation, as the remaining bars can become soft, dirty or break apart, and therefore become inedible.

Without added synthetic vitamins and minerals

Experts have long debated about whether or not synthetic vitamins and minerals are healthy or not. However, experts all agree that excessive amounts of minerals and vitamins are bad for the health. As the effects of added minerals and vitamins are not definitely clear yet, the addition of these substances has deliberately been avoided in the new BP-WR bars.

Taking all the advantages into account, the BP-WR bars are the optimal optionif you are looking to buy food for extreme situations.


Made for people. Designed by experts. Tried and tested in emergencies.

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