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Day Ration Pack Typ 1

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The “Day Ration Pack” is a customized meal pack for one person for 1 day.

It ensures that soldiers have enough to eat even if they cannot be supplied with food through the field kitchen or the canteen. The basis of the packs is formed by our Trek’n Eat portfolio of free-ze-dried meals. Freeze-drying extracts all the moisture from Trek’n Eat foods without destroying important vitamins and minerals.

Trek’n Eat thus fulfills the require-ments for optimal nutrition even under extreme condi-tions. The Day Ration Packs are supplemented with ca-refully selected foods such as beverages, bars, snacks, etc. The packs are prepared and packaged to customers’ individual needs. Packs are available ranging from 2500 to 4500 kcal (per pack) to cater to specific requirements.

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