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Tindle - 5er Set


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The Tindle turns any tin into a mini pan

The Tindle is the ideal tool for convenient use of tinned food. This practical handle can be attached to any commercial tin to turn it into a little pan and joins the long list of practical little helpers, a list consisting of tools that are perfect for kitchens, canteens, break rooms and outdoor equipment alike!

For your day-to-day use of tinned food, CONVAR has designed an extremely useful tool and filed for a patent. The Tindle (a blend of Tin and the second syllable of Handle) is a non-slip handle, which can in no time be attached to standard food tins and locked with just a click.

In doing so, every tin can have a handle and can be used like a mini pan. With this you can, for example, heat the food in a bain-marie without burning your fingers, comfortably shake the content, serve the meal from the tin onto the plate or simply hold it comfortably and eat directly from the tin.


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