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Package Upgrade DosenBistro™

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The new emergency upgrade freedom at conserva.de

Emergency stock as individual as you.

With our newly designed upgrade packages, it is now finally possible to expand already existing emergency stockpiles or to gradually create a tailor-made emergency stock according to your needs.


If you already have a 90 / 30 / 15 / 7 day emergency supply package, you can now easily and purposefully customize it according to your personal requirements. For example, you have a 15 day emergency package, but you would like to extend it to 30 days and would like to have more calories. So you can expand the package with the “Package Upgrade POWER” and a further upgrade package of your choice. Thus, it is possible to expand your basic or premium package step by step and passively.


By combining several upgrade packages, you can also set up an emergency stock from the very beginning, which meets your personal requirements perfectly and is perfectly tailored to your situation.


... Simply emergency stock as you need it.


If you have any questions regarding the new upgrade system, please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0)6331 268 668

Package content / ingredients / nutrition facts

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