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9 x NoLi (Emergency light)

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The EF emergency light from CONVAR provides uncomplicated and reliable light and warmth whenever you need it.

Our EF emergency light consists of a high quality-pillar candle with 38 matches in a sturdy tin can with an "Easy-Pull-Off" closure and has a burning time of at least 45 hours. The EF emergency light can be lit directly after opening the tin and provides immediate light and warmth.

The sturdy tin can protect the candle and matches from moisture and other environmental influences during storage and thus guarantees the functionality of the emergency light even after years of storage and thus.

When the emergency light is lit, the tin protects the candle from wind, provides optimum stability, prevents the wax from leaking, protects the flame from jumping over and enables safe transport of the emergency light when lit.

The EF emergency light from CONVAR is a piece of equipment that should not be missing from any emergency supply kit, and is guaranteed not to leave you in the dark in an emergency.


Package content / ingredients / nutrition facts

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