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Good ingredients = great taste!


Delicious flavour with no artificial additives


As a producer of high-quality tinned foods, we are committed to meeting our customers' growing demands for quality. This is why we always use the best meat and quality ingredients for our wide selection of ready meals. Combined with our experience of over 50 years, professional skill and continuous quality control, we provide our customers with the highest standards of food safety.

All dishes are prepared by our chefs from the best of ingredients according to traditional recipes and with no artificial additives, and are immediately sealed in top quality tins to preserve the flavours. This means that the delicious taste and the high quality ingredients are perfectly preserved.

DosenBistro avoids using food additives wherever possible, just as you would do in a normal household kitchen. This includes all flavour enhancers, preservatives, thickeners and colourings which are often used in industrial production. This makes our DosenBistro products taste far better and far more authentic. Genuine, delicious cuisine the way you want it - that's DosenBistro.


DosenBistro wishes you

"Bon appetit!"